Atomic design in responsive design

Marija Zaric
50 minutes
UX / Design

Until 2010 we created fixed websites. The only issue was IE. From 2010 with responsive design that first appeared as a trend, nowadays with so many devices is a standard, we have new challenges: to create not just good user experience but a great one. Can we make better design system to bulid websites?

Yes! Marija will talk about the concept of atomic design in responsive design and its elements: atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and pages with an example, useful tips and her working process. Why should you use atomic design and is it the future of webdesign? Where does she see Atomic design in 1 to 2 years? We are creating the systems of fragments that will connect to create components, modules and templates that we can reuse all over again, plus of course what the client wants plus your creativity.