Creating daily art with code

Saskia Freeke
50 minutes
UX / Design

As my background is in Graphic Design and Interaction Design, I always worked with technology to design digital and print work. During my studies in Interaction Design, I was mostly focused on creating the design and interaction of the projects we worked on, not the technology. As I have been fascinated by generative art and drawing with code for a long time, I started in 2014 to explore how to create art and design with code. Exploring new ways and learning new tools. Due to being a perfectionist and too scared to show my work to anyone, I started a challenge to create and post an artwork every day for a month, this was September 2014. After this, I continued to make and post more and decided to start a new daily make challenge on the first of January 2015, it still continues to this day.

For my talk I want to present how I started and what I learn from it. There are many small challenges I create for myself, like a different language or framework I explore, or more design related like using the same shapes or colors. These small challenges bring new focus and explorations. Having this daily big challenge has of course multiple values I can explain. How it makes it easier to explore things in your work, being more in a workflow and giving yourself time to explore. But also the challenges of starting something new and being creative every single day.
So in short, a talk about 'Creativity with Code' or 'Making Art with Code Daily'.

During the talk I probably will be showing many of my 1000+ daily creations!