A practical guide to style guide driven development

Tatiana Kolesnikova
Arvid Torset
50 minutes
UX / Design

The old-school way of building interfaces screen by screen or page by page is slow, full of mistakes and results in a product that is difficult to maintain and takes forever to change. The alternative is style guide driven development - creating an interface as a system of reusable components. Modular flexible design, well organised code and smooth easily controlled process.

More and more companies publish their design systems online and talk about advantages of this approach to building interfaces. But being inspired is one thing and knowing how to start working this way is something else.

This lecture is a practical guide to styleguide-driven development for projects of any size and any level of maturity: for small startups and huge enterprise systems with years of legacy behind. We shall talk about what style guide driven development means both for the designer and the developer. We will teach you how to approach it gradually and not break your neck and not change your tools and workflow too dramatically. We will point out potential problems and suggest ways to overcome them.

You will learn:
● How to organize collaboration process for designers and developers on creating design system;
● How to apply styleguide-driven approach regardless what platform your product is built on;
● How to start getting value not only after the full launch of the design system, but from day one.