CSS Layout

Hidde de Vries

In 2018 we can say goodbye to tables for layout, floats for alignment, `display: inline-block` for columns and Bootstrap for grids. The latest CSS layout modes (flexbox, grid) have come to browsers, which means they will now work for most of your users. Now is a great time to learn the latest about CSS layout. Whether it is defining rows and columns or automatically placing content on a grid: after this workshop your CSS layout skills will be up to date.

For this workshop, we expect you to have some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. No flexbox or grid knowledge is required, as we will start with the basics. Knowledge of front-end development tools or methodologies is also not necessary, on the workshop day we will just focus on CSS.


In this workshop you will learn: 

  • background on CSS and terminology that helps understand how layouts work
  • flexbox: alignment and axes
  • flexbox: flexibility with `flex-shrink` and `flex-grow`
  • grid: tracks, lines, cells and named areas
  • grid: placing content automatically
  • new units
  • changing order in CSS
  • accessibility considerations
  • direction-agnostic properties
  • some real-world use cases


Tickets for this workshop are € 350,-. You can buy them here.