Debugging, Profiling, & Rocking Out with Browser-Based Developer Tools!

Mike Herchel
50 minutes

Browser based developer tools have become an indispensable tool for modern front-end web development. New features and changes are being added at a rapid pace, and keeping up with all of the changes is difficult, but well worth it!

In this presentation, I’ll walk the attendees through the tricks of the trade of Chrome developer tools, in addition to Firefox and Safari’s developer tools. I’ll walk through common problems and how to solve them including

- Integrating DevTools into your modern front-end workflow
- Modern front-end debugging techniques using browser-based developer tools
- Identifying front-end performance problems (and fixing them!)
- Profiling browser rendering issues
- Making sure your CSS is resilient to content-based changes
- Common add-ins
- Using browser based developer tools to remotely debug your smartphone - both Android and iOS
- Various tips and tricks that will save you hours in your next project
- And best of all, this will all be covered through the use of real-world examples.

This presentation will be mostly live real world examples (with a minimum of slides). To get the most out of it, I assume that you have very basic familiarity with browser, and are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.