Designing for product-service ecosystems

Thomas Visser
50 minutes
UX / Design

We are rapidly moving into a world where apps, products, services, etc. are all connected. At the same time, new interface and interaction technologies such as AR, voice UI and conversational UI become more and more accessible. How do we design for this new way of looking at user-product interaction? Where is the value for users, customers, and businesses?

Philips is operating in this domain, and in this talk we will take a look some cases that illustrate how Philips, and in particular it’s design department, address the challenges that come with this evolving tech landscape. Briefly some of the conceptual projects and methodologies from Philips Design will be presented, before zooming in on the domain of sleep solutions. Some best practises will be shared, as well as several unaddressed challenges, experiments and new ways of exploring product-service ecosystems through lenses of UX design, Service Design and value creation.