React Basics

Chiel Kunkels

React is all about components - basically custom HTML elements - with which you can quickly build amazing and powerful web apps. Just build a component once, configure it to your needs, dynamically pass data into it and re-use it as often as needed.

In this workshop Chiel Kunkels will take you from building simple components, React's most basic building blocks, to stringing everything together with routing and centralized data.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to setup a React project.
  • What components are and how do they work.
  • How to use React Router.
  • In what ways we can manage data in our application.
  • How we can centralize data so that our entire application can access it.
  • How to use Redux.
  • To deal with data from external sources.
  • And finally to test it all.

This workshop is recommended for people who are comfortable with ES6 syntax, but with little to no knowledge about React.


Tickets for this workshop are € 350,-. You can buy them here.