All week coworking & sprints

To experience the relaxing background-sound of sass-writing and JS-framework name dropping.

We have our very own Frontend United‘s co-working space for the whole week! Life is too short to not enjoy Utrecht and it’s beautiful gem of a city-centre for just a bit longer. 

The locations

We teamed up with in de Ruimte to provide a comfortable area for Monday until Wednesday. In de ruimte is a basement of a church located at the water, in the middle of town, so a very good place to be at! We will supply you with coffee, water and tea. Please bring some cash if you want other drinks.

During the workshops and main event on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we will open up a dedicated location within the main venue!


Need to keep working on your current project, or just want to work in between designers and frontenders? Come work from our church-basement and meet new people over the breaks

Combine this coworking with our social track and what you got is a organised teambuilding-week in one of the most beautiful cities of The Netherlands ;)


What is a sprint?

A sprint is getting contributors together for a set amount of time – usually one to two days – and just creating code, docs, etc. That's it. You’re not teaching anything. Participants will learn from others as they go, but the focus is not on instruction. The goal is to create working software. Sprints are also sometimes called “code sprints” or “contribution sprints”.

You can join other folks at Frontend United for a week of contribution sprints and learn how an Open Source project is organised and built by thousands of volunteers. No technical skills are required to participate, just bring your computer and we will provide wifi, coffee and healthy snacks.

How to join?

If you want to come; please make yourself known in this sheet, and tell us when you will attend. This helps us estimating the number of attendees which is helpful for the venue. 

You can either work on your own stuff, or join the (Drupal) code sprints. The sprints will be organised in different teams that will work in specific tasks like design, frontend, backend, documentation, translation, marketing, etc. Come and meet other professionals and share your experiences in the field.

Lunch & evening program

Since the sprint location is in the heart of Utrecht, in the middle of a street with a lot of placed to grab lunch, we figured it would be best to not cater for this. So we advice to take a break in the afternoon and grab a burger or a sandwich in one of the many lunch places around together with people you are sharing a table with in the coworking-space. 

In the evenings, we planned to have a optional mini-social event every night. Whether it be going around in boats through the canals, or climbing the Dom tower with a guide, we got you covered. Diner is usually arranged in smaller group on the same day. Don't worry if you come alone, there's always a group you can join. Check our social program for more information.